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Silk Amino Acids Peptide : Raw Materials

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Silk Amino Acids is used in diverse applications: food, health functional food, pharmaceutical, baking and beauty treatment.
We provide raw materials and products at a very reasonable price for food companies, including online and offline shops, health clinic, oriental medical clinic, pharmacy, beauty treatment, etc.

Silk Amino Acids, a high protein food is made of hydrolyzed fibroin cocoon for high absorption into body.  It contains 18 amino acids, including eight essential amino acids, such as Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Tyrosine, Valine, etc., which enable healthy physiological functions and fast metabolism. It is, additionally, an ideal source of nutriment since scarcely does it contain fat and carbohydrate in spite of a variety of else amino acids.

Special Features :
1. Purity 100%(other purity is possible)
2. High-protein : Containing more than 96% of protein.
3. High rate of absorption into body(more than 90%) : Helpful food for those who have difficulty in ingestion and absorption of protein  or need nutrition balance ,especially in protein
4. Containing 18 natural amino acids : Containing a variety of amino acids as well as essential amino acids
5. Verification of safety : Approved by the safety test of US FDA
6. Production know-how  : A specialized company in the manufacture of silk amino acids for years  since the success in the production of raw materials in 1995
7. Ceaseless research and development : Development and research of silk-related products  are actively in progress.